Home Styling with Contemporary Elements

A lot of people think that modern design always means cold and bare. The truth is contemporary design is more focused on simplicity. It favors elements that are clean-looking and functional without compromising comfort.

In contemporary homes,interiors design revolves around the careful use of elements such as textures and lines to achieve subdued sophistication and modern simplicity. So how do you achieve a contemporary theme at home? Here are some tips and tricks.

Go with neutrals

The basic colors of contemporary interior design are white,black,and the neutrals. They are used in walls and other key parts of a room. To create a modern contrast with these rather “basic” design elements,you can add pops of colors by placing accessories with bright and bold colors. While contemporary design is all about the neutrals,it does not mean they have to look plain and boring.

Use the right furniture

There are many types of contemporary-style furniture. Vitra Hong Kong dealers,for instance,offer a range of pieces that feature sleek modern designs that will accentuate your living space. In modern interiors,remember that less is more. Go for furniture with exposed legs and for accessories,limit your options to pieces with bold and structural appeal.

Choose modern design elements

When choosing a material,go for glass (opaque or clear),stone,or metal. They generally exude a cold appeal,but you can achieve a warmer look by mixing them with furnishings with textured fabrics such as in carpets,pillows,and window treatments. If you want to keep indoor plants,go for big ones with dramatic leaves matched with plain,large containers.

Designing a contemporary home is easy when you know the right elements to combine and the idea of simple sophistication. With the right combination of color,furniture,and other design elements,you can create a beautiful modern home where comfort and functionality are never overlooked.

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